Are you regularly receiving emails from ASCH? 

Communications are sent regularly, at least once a month, to keep members notified of updates and opportunities.  ASCH believes that communication is key, as it is in any family. 

Many members have reported that emails are being sent to their SPAM or PROMOTIONS folders instead of their inboxes.  The best way to prevent this is to create a filter in your email that directs all emails from ASCH to your primary inbox.  Gmail is one of the most commonly used platforms with which this occurs.  

To add a filter in gmail, log in to your gmail account on your computer.  Then:

1. select the Gear on the right side of the browser, and then click on “Settings”;
2. click on “Filters and Blocked Addresses”;
3. click on “Create a New Filter”;
4. in the “From” field type, and then click on “Create filter with this search” found in the lower right hand corner of the window;  
5. in the next window, check the boxes next to “Never send it to SPAM” and “Categorize as” and select “Personal” from the drop down box;
6. click on the blue “Create Filter” button.

Now all emails from ASCH should be directed to your primary inbox instead of SPAM or PROMOTIONS.  

Other commonly used e-mail providers will likely have similar choices.  The key concepts are “filters” and sending the e-mail to your inbox.