Celebrating Clinical Hypnosis Day

Welcome to our Clinical Hypnosis Day (CHD) webpage where you will find a host of resources to celebrate Clinical Hypnosis Day on May 23rd. Clinical Hypnosis Day is a day to raise awareness of the clinical applications of hypnosis through educating professional health care providers and the public.

Why May 23rd?  It is Franz Mesmer’s birthday. Mesmer holds a special place in hypnosis history bringing this powerful healing modality to the public’s attention in the late 1700’s.  We celebrate Clinical Hypnosis Day to recognize and reflect upon the many advances in research, knowledge and application of hypnosis from then to now.

Benefits to Celebrating Clinical Hypnosis Day

· Hosting free talks for the public, universities, and professional associations creates new excitement for hypnosis in your local area.
·  Raises awareness and support for hypnosis through connecting with local government officials to make a proclamation for an official day of recognition in your    community.
·  Supports education about the benefits of clinical hypnosis in the fields of medicine, nursing, dentistry, psychology and other health related fields.
·  Connects the public and professionals to an important resource for finding qualified professionals who specialize in clinical hypnosis.

Clinical Hypnosis Day Toolkit

On this website we provide many resources for individuals and component sections to use in celebrating Clinical Hypnosis Day.  Our CHD Toolkit includes:

Proclamation letters declaring a Clinical Day of Hypnosis
Informational papers/flyers for training and education
Media tips and guidelines to get your events and information advertised
Ideas for celebrating CHD
Advertising samples: articles, news clips
Sample event schedules
Additional resources: access to hypnosis videos, etc.

How can you be involved?

There are many creative ways you and the component society can be involved in celebrating CHD.

Check out the CHD Toolkit on the ASCH website provided here.  There are many turn-key materials just waiting for you.
Consider how you / component section want to celebrate CHD.  Perhaps a free talk, or a half-day health event where hypnosis is featured, a local television talk show, or even a lunch-time presentation in your place of employment.
Approach your local government officials to make a proclamation for CHD in your city.  This is a great way to get publicity in your local area.  Additionally, this will contribute to the grass roots movement to support creating CHD on the national level.
Consider contributing materials to be included in this Toolkit.

Have fun celebrating Clinical Hypnosis Day!

Find an event near you:

(If you would like to feature your CHD on our site, please contact Elizabeth Goins at assoc-dir@asch.net.)

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