ASCH Certification Program

Certification provides recognition of the advanced clinician who has met educational and training requirements in clinical hypnosis. 

Why You Should Choose Certification Through ASCH


The ASCH Certification and Approved Consultant Program is gaining national recognition as a standard for the practice of hypnosis. Anecdotal evidence suggests that hospitals and third party payers are beginning to recognize the importance of such standards and view ASCH Certification as a basic requirement for promoting hypnosis as a treatment modality.

ASCH Certification in Clinical Hypnosis is distinct from other "certification" programs in that it ensures that the certified individual is a bona fide health care professional who is licensed in his or her state or province to provide medical, dental, or psychotherapeutic services. ASCH believes that persons trained only in hypnosis lack the diagnostic and therapeutic skills as well as the licensure required to safely and responsibly treat medical, psychological, or dental problems with hypnosis. ASCH Certification distinguishes the professional practitioner from the lay hypnotist.

Certification through ASCH must be renewed every three years.  In order to renew your ASCH Certification, you must have completed at least 20 hours of ASCH approved hypnosis training within the last three years.


There are 2 levels of ASCH Certification:



The Association's requirements for Certification of Clinical Hypnosis are:

        • Hold at least a masters degree in a health care discipline considered appropriate by the Society and have licensure/certification in the state/province which they practice;
        • Membership in a professional society consistent with degree;
        • Licensure or Certification by the state of province in which you practice to practice independently;
        • Minimum of 40 hours of ASCH approved workshop training (20 hours each of beginning and intermediate workshops);
        • Minimum of 20 hours of individualized training/consultation with an ASCH Approved Consultant;
        • Minimum of two years of independent practice utilizing clinical hypnosis (2 years from the completion of the basic course).



        Approved Consultant


        The requirements for ASCH Approved Consultant in Clinical Hypnosis are:

        All of the requirements for Certification in Clinical Hypnosis, plus 

        • Minimum of 40 additional hours of ASCH approved workshop training;
        • Minimum of 5 years of independent practice utilizing clinical hypnosis (5 years from the completion of the basic program);
        • Minimum of 5 years of membership in ASCH, SCEH, or equivalent.

        *****Beginning on July 1, 2019, the requirements for the initial application for Approved Consultant will include completing the 10‐hour Teaching and Consultation Workshop
        (TCW) within the 100 hours already required.*****