September 29 - October 1, 2023

CHSNJ Fundamentals of Hypnosis - Level I

Clinical Hypnosis Society of New Jersey (CHSNJ)


Clinical Hypnosis Society of New Jersey Fundamentals of Hypnosis – Level 1

Live, Virtual Workshop September 29, 2023-October 1, 2023 (21 CEs)

Friday: Sept. 29, 2023           

Saturday: Sept. 30, 2023      

Sunday: October 1, 2023         


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Add to Calendar aCLuDhaqizCaPxAftmqF167204 09/29/2023 10/01/2023 true CHSNJ Fundamentals of Hypnosis - Level I Clinical Hypnosis Society of New Jersey Fundamentals of Hypnosis – Level 1 Live, Virtual Workshop September 29, 2023-October 1, 2023 (21 CEs) Friday: Sept. 29, 2023            Provide at least one commonly accepted definition of hypnosis. Explain 3-4 hypnosis terms and how they apply to the clinical hypnosis experience. Identify two commonly held misperceptions and myths about hypnosis and offer a rebuttal for each. Explain at least two ways hypnotic communication creates positive expectancy. Discuss Erickson's Principle of Individualization and Utilization as it pertains to language and suggestion. Name at least four commonly used words/phrases to reinforce the patient's hypnotic experience. Differentiate between direct and indirect suggestion. Describe the steps in a formal hypnotic encounter. Identify 2 characteristics of trance exhibited by the subject. Define 3 changes the facilitator made during the reorientation phase of trance. Describe three effective ways to build and reinforce rapport. Describe at least 4 observable physiological and 4 psychological/behavioral signs of trance. Discuss the importance of removing suggestions. Demonstrate at least 3 methods of reorienting. Explain five different hypnotic phenomena. Discuss and describe how the concept of trance logic and other hypnotic phenomena can be used therapeutically. List at least three principles of eliciting phenomenon. Define abreaction and describe how it can be addressed therapeutically. Saturday: Sept. 30, 2023       Describe how hypnosis affects the autonomic nervous system & stress response. Detail 3 implications of neurophysiology research on the practice of clinical hypnosis. Define what is meant by ego strengthening and how it might be used in clinical practice. Identify three different types of ego strengthening. Describe at least three strategies for ego strengthening in clinical hypnosis practice. Describe three methods of trance intensification. Demonstrate the ability to intensify the hypnotic experience to fit the client. Identify how fractionation can be used to intensify trance. Define self-hypnosis and explain the difference between self-hypnosis & hetero-hypnosis. Describe at least three therapeutic applications of self-hypnosis in clinical practice. Explain how to teach self-hypnosis to a patient. Describe at least two ethical-legal issues. Discuss standards for professional conduct in using hypnosis clinically. Sunday: October 1, 2023          Describe three types of resistance. Identify at least four strategies for bypassing or working through resistance. Summarize at least three key points about hypnosis to discuss in a non-technical manner with a client or patient/client. Name important elements and recommended procedures in obtaining informed consent regarding the use of hypnosis clinically. Identify three developmental characteristics that make children particularly hypnotizable. Describe how hypnotic approaches vary according to the developmental age of the child. Describe the therapeutic benefits and applications of using hypnosis with children. Execute a thorough case assessment to elucidate the information necessary to develop a quality treatment plan. Design a treatment plan for a patient/client who presents with anxiety. List at least 4 hypnotic techniques/applications that may be best suited to achieve the specific therapeutic goal in the case presented. Describe situations of uncertainty that might occur as clinical hypnosis is included in practice and identify strategies for managing/resolving such. List at least three uses of hypnosis to your discipline that you have been taught and are ready to apply and three applications of hypnosis that require more training. Describe three ways that he or she will begin to incorporate hypnotic communication, hypnosis and hypnotic techniques into his/her practice. Discuss ASCH's clinical hypnosis standards of training, levels of training, and requirements for, ASCH certification. Describe the opportunities available for further training, membership & certification.   Virtual