Certification Referral
What Certification Indicates

Certification does not automatically imply competence or guarantee the quality of a practitioner's work. Certification does indicate several things that fellow professionals, consumers, third party payers, managed care programs, hospitals and clinics are all interested in knowing about individuals who incorporate hypnosis in their practices. Certification indicates that the practitioner:

  1. Has undergone advanced training in his/her profession to obtain a legitimate advanced degree from an accredited institution of higher education;

  2. Is licensed or certified to practice in his/her state/province;

  3. Has had his/her education and training in clinical hypnosis reviewed by qualified peers and approved consultants and such training has met the minimum requirements established by a Standards of Training Committee of qualified peers;

  4. Has been determined to have received at least the minimum educational training that ASCH, the largest such interdisciplinary organization in North America, considers as necessary for utilizing hypnosis.