Hypnosis Listserv

Using Your Hypnosis Home Page

There are two ways to interact with the HYPNOSIS List administrative server: a Web interface via your browser, and the use of commands via email messages. We strongly recommend use of the web interface, available at HYPNOSIS Home. There are many benefits to using HYPNOSIS Home:

  • It provides an easy way to create and change your (ICORS) password;
  • Easily choose and modify your mail delivery preferences (regular messages or several types of digests);
  • Choose the form the subject line will take in your email Inbox;
  • Choose the form of acknowledgment you receive when posting a message;
  • and miscellaneous options (suspending mail for a temporary period, concealing your address in the full membership list)

The first time you go to HYPNOSIS Home, you will be asked to login or create a password. This will be a new password of your own design, not one connected with another site such as your ASCH member password. We urge you to become familiar with this page.


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updated on 11/01/2011