Hypnosis Listserv


If you have problems receiving messages from the HYPNOSIS List after you receive subscription notification, please contact the primary list owners George Glaser, MSW or Carol B. Low, PsyD for assistance. Stephen Pauker, MD and Eric Vermetten, MD also serve as list administrators and are available for questions.

Make sure that mail from the HYPNOSIS List reaches your inbox by entering two addresses in your Address Book or list of Contacts:

  • hypnosis@listserv.icors.org (this is the sending address of messages from the HYPNOSIS List)
  • listserv@listserv.icors.org (this is the address of the administrative server)

Different email systems and computer types use a variety of methods to achieve this so-called "whitelisting", so check the instructions for your specific system. If you cannot find messages from the HYPNOSIS List that should be on your computer, check your Spam or Junk email folders.

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updated on 08/26/2014