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Go to HYPNOSIS Home by clicking here. You will see either the page in Graphic 1 that gives you the options of logging in (if you already have a password), or obtaining a password.

If you are logged in, you will see the full HYPNOSIS Home page (Graphic 1-a displays the right side of the home page). Then use the box in (Graphic 1-a) to do a simple or advanced search.


Graphic displaying the Hypnosis Home screen


  Graphic that displays the Features available on HYPNOSIS HOME page

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The 'Advanced Options' link takes you to the Archives Search page (Graphic 2), where you can perform searches using single or multiple variables.


Graphic displaying the advanced searchg page for the HYPNOSIS List archives

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As an example, Graphic 3 displays a partial list of the found set of items when searching for "warts," which found 101 items with that word in the subject line. Click on the item # in the left-hand column to view the entire message.



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 updated on 10/03/2011