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All messages to the HYPNOSIS List must be addressed to hypnosis@listserv.icors.org, and sent from the subscribed email account.

This forum has an international readership. Please be respectful in your use of language, and avoid using idioms that some readers may not recognize. If you  use acronyms, such as for organizations or types of therapy, please explain the acronym the first time it is displayed in your message.

On some days the list may have more than fifteen postings, although the average is in the 4-8 range. This creates a lot of mail for users who do not receive the list in daily digest format. Even for those who do receive the list in digest format, it can still be a lot to read through. We strongly urge you to be ruthless in trimming quoted material from previous posts when you make a reply. Remove the old HYPNOSIS List footers that appear at the bottom of every new message. As quoted messages build up, so do the old footers, leading to the dreaded Old Footer Syndrome.

The default REPLY setting for all list messages is to the original sender of the message to which you are responding. We use this setting because many users were accidentally responding to the entire list with private messages they thought would go only to the sender. As a result, you must use REPLY ALL to include the HYPNOSIS List address, in which case both the list address and the originals sender's addrress will be included. Most of the time there is no need to send a copy of the messge to the original sender and that address can be removed, but that is up to personal preference.

Do not use this list as a chat medium. Everything you post goes to almost a thousand people worldwide, so use common sense when posting.

Users are welcome to send messages about appropriate upcoming training events and other resources to Carol B. Low, PsyD for inclusion in the HYPNOSIS List Classifieds. Please include a link and phone number about the event. The Classifieds are published on an as-needed basis, but usually weekly. For more information go to the Classifieds page.

The HYPNOSIS List archives are organized by date and subject. HYPNOSIS Home is a good way to reach the archives. To assist readers in accessing the archived material, please be thoughtful in your use of the "Subject" line. When replying to a current topic, keep the same subject (and trim ALL unnecessary quoted content from previous messages). If you start a new thread or move off of the orignal topic,  create a new subject line. Click here for more information about accessing the HYPNOSIS List Archives.

Many folks like a link to the former topic as well. For instance, if you reply to an old thread but change the topic significantly, include both: "intractable pain (was hypnosis for headache)", thus providing a way to search through the entire chain of topics.

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updated 10/03/2011