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Applicants must hold a minimum of a masters degree in a healthcare discipline. Graduate students in those disciplines can join if you meet the qualifications and provide a letter from your graduate chair or advisor on departmental letterhead. In addition, you must be licensed or certified in your field by the state, province or country where you practice. A license is not needed for applicants who are primarily engaged in hypnosis research.

All applicants must have completed a minimum of an introductory training course in hypnosis either sponsored or recognized by ASCH, SCEH or ISH. The first two Societies offer Introductory training programs. Additional examples of accepted training events are the Basic workshops presented by a component Society of ASCH or ISH, and the Milton H. Erickson Foundation. Other training programs may be accepted on an individual basis at the discretion of the list owners.

Click here to request a new subscription to the HYPNOSIS List. Use the "Subscribe or Unsubscribe" link on the right side of the Hypnosis HOME page as shown below (Figure A). Enter your name and email address (Graphic B). Be sure that you choose "HYPNOSIS" in the "Select List popup menu. The default message delivery option is to receive single messages, or select DIGEST to receive one text version of the daily digest. Mail delivery options can be easily changed at a later time.

 Graphic displaying the Hypnosis Home screen



The security of the listserv and your subscription is very important to us. Consequently, we take precautions to ensure subscribers are qualified professionals, and that someone does not access the list accidentally or maliciously. This results in a two-step request process that, frankly, can be a bit more cumbersome than wewould like. The most important thing to remember is that you need enter your first and last name. If you just put the first or last name, you add a least one or two steps to the subscription process. After sending your initial subscription request, you will receive an email message asking you to confirm the request. Do so by clicking the confirmation link contained in the body of the message. If all the information is present, the list administrators will receive your request to join the list.

As an alternative to the process above, send an email message to George Glaser, LCSW requesting a subscription. The request must contain the following information:

  • Full name;
  • where you found out about the list;
  • membership status in ASCH, SCEH or ISH (send me your membership type and ID#);
  • your profession and current employment;
  • professional license number and type;
  • a web link verifying your professional license (if available); and
  • a summary of your professional hypnosis training.


Subscribers do not need a password to receive mail from the list or to post messages. You must have one, however, to access HYPNOSIS HOME, your web-based subscription settings, and the list archive. Your password to access these features  is self-created and is not linked in any way to your membership in other organizations. If you are already a subscriber, create a password by clicking here to access the "Register LISTSERV Password" screen shown below in Graphic C. 

For new applicants only, click here to access the HYPNOSIS List subscription request screen.




Once you are at the HYPNOSIS HOME page and logged in, click on the "Subscribe or Unsubscribe" link in the right navigation column shown below in Graphic D.



Graphic E below shows my "Subscription Settings" page as an example. Use this screen to make any necessary changes including your subscribed email account and message delivery options (includes the option to suspend delivery without unsubscribing by selecting NOMAIL). Click the "Update Options" button to save your modifications, and you will be in business.



Request Subscription | Obtain Password | Change Address

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updated 11/01/2011