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Subscribers can send messages related to personal products (books, videos), services, seminars, conferences, etc. for posting in the Classifieds Section to Carol B. Low, PsyD. Please send items using the following instructions:

  1. All announcements for workshops, conferences, services and products not directly sponsored by ASCH, SCEH or ISH must be sent to the Classifieds and not posted directly on the list.
  2. Send the item(s) to Carol B. Low, PsyD, with a copy to George Glaser, LCSW.
  3. Classifieds are usually posted weekly late Sunday or early Monday at our discretion. We do not guarantee publication in any given week or on a specific date.
  4. Provide a short, text-only description that includes the basic Ws--what, where, who, when. Add links to more detailed information if available. Do NOT send a PDF of your lovely brochure, or any attachments. Send just the text as it will appear in the weekly announcement. 
  1. In your message to Dr. Low, use "Item for the HYPNOSIS List classifieds" for the Subject line.
  2. Messages must be received by Carol between Friday 7 AM and Sunday 7 PM for inclusion in the upcoming classified post.


Carol B. Low


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updated 10/27/2014