In an effort to make it easier for all individuals to access the ASCH website, following please find directions on how to download an app for Android users which places an ASCH icon on your Android powered device which redirects you to the ASCH website.  For Apple users, we have outlined directions on how to place an ASCH icon on your home screen. 

We hope you will find these convenient to use to visit our website.


You will need to set your Android phone to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources, or sources other than the Play Store, or similar wording.  That setting should be under “Security” on your Android device.

To download the app, using your Android device, go to and use the following instructions to install the app.  

(1) Download the app to your phone by using the link above and clicking the "Download" button on that page, and then press "Next". 
(2) Once downloaded, you should see a screen that asks if you want to install the application.  The message says it does not require any special access.  Click "Install". 
(3) This should result in an “App Installed” message.  Click “Open”.
(4) You will get a Privacy Notice that talks about Airpush (appsgeyser’s data partner) wanting to collect data from your device on a regular basis.  We recommend that you "Decline”, but that decision is completely up to you.
(5) You will be asked to allow the app to access the device’s location.  We recommend that you “Deny”, but, again, that decision is completely up to you.
(6) The app will then ask you to allow it to access your contacts.  Again, we recommend that you “Deny” as well, but that is up to you.
(7) You will then go to the ASCH website.

Close out of the website, and on your “Search Apps” screen, you will find a blue ASCH logo with the word “ASCH” underneath it.  If you click on it, you will be taken directly to the ASCH website.  Move the icon to where you would like to see it on your Android device.


If you are an Apple user, the following instructions will result in the creation of an icon on your home screen that will take you to the ASCH website.  

(1) Open a browser.

(2) Go to ASCH website (
(3) Click on "Share" (rectangle with arrow).
(4) Look at icons in black and white on bottom of screen – scroll to the right until you see “Add to Home Screen”.
(5) Click “Add to Home Screen”.
(6) Message will appear that says “An icon will be added to your home screen so you can quickly access ASCH website”.
(7) Name the icon “ASCH”. 
(8) Click “Add”.

An icon named “ASCH” will be placed on your home screen. The icon will be a screen shot of the ASCH home page with the ASCH logo fairly prominent.

We hope this information is useful to you.