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You may search for a certified professional by location (state/province).ASCH envisions that most people using this service will be professionals looking for Approved Consultants to help them with their certification status, or other certified individuals. For referrals, we suggest you use the ASCH Member Referral Service. Information about an individual's certification status is available in search results from the Member Referral Service.

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IMPORTANT! ASCH makes every effort to ensure that the information in this database is accurate and current. However, it is ultimately the professional's responsibility to provide corrections and updates for their contact information. Finally, certification does not automatically imply competence or guarantee the quality of a practitioner's work. It does indicate that, based on the information provided by the professional, he or she has met additional standards for training and education in the use of clinical hypnosis and has met all the regulatory requirements for practice in their state/province.

Certified professionals through the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis hold degrees in many different disciplines, including medicine, dentistry, osteopathy, psychology, clinical social work, counseling, chiropractic, marriage and family therapy, and nursing.