Revised Standards of Training
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 ASCH-ERF Beginning (Basic) Workshop Standards Revised.



New updated standards for content of Level 1 Workshop went into effect October 1, 2019.

Please note that the revised Standards are currently under revision and should be updated by 3/20/20. 

Maggie Dickens, MS, LPC, LCDC; Delle Jacobs, LICSW, LMFT; Judy Thomas, DDS;
Linda Thomson, MSN, APRN, ABMH, ABHN; & Lane Wagaman, EdD, HSPP


In the 1990s, two dedicated and talented psychologists, D. Corydon Hammond, PhD, ABPH and Gary Elkins, PhD, ABPH seeing a need to standardize clinical hypnosis training and education developed the original American Society of Clinical Hypnosis - Education and Research Foundation (ASCH-ERF) Standards of Training (SoT) which serve as the infrastructure for American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH) Workshops. These guidelines, released in 1994, became the gold standard for teaching clinical hypnosis. In the intervening decades, the understanding and range of applications in behavioral health, medicine and dentistry have evolved significantly. In 2018, a multidisciplinary team of health professionals, currently involved in the development and execution of ASCH education, undertook the complicated and monumental task of updating and revising the 1994 Beginning Workshop Standards of Training. The new Level 1 Workshop SoT were approved by the Standards of Training Committee and the Executive Committee in May 2019.



The Level I Workshop Standards of Training (formerly referred to as the Beginning or Basic Workshop in Clinical Hypnosis) establishes the minimum level of foundational concepts and practices in clinical hypnosis.  In this 2019 iteration, some of the language has been updated. The content now reflects the most current literature and research. Small group skills practice has increased from three sessions totaling four hours in the original SoT to four sessions totaling 7.25 hours and increasing the total time of the workshop to 21.5 hours. The skills practice sessions are highly structured with specific elicitations and objectives for each session.  Research and literature about neuroplasticity, mirror neurons, psychoneuroimmunology, epigenetics and the neurophysiological effects of hypnosis on the body and the brain will now be included in the Level I Workshop. The ASCH-ERF SoT must not be static. Research is expanding, evolving and ever-changing our knowledge of the neurophysiology and uses of hypnosis. Continuing education requirements in the disciplines of health professions who make up our society change along with teaching innovations and the learning style of the next generation of clinicians.  Thus, the SoT will be reviewed and updated regularly.



The intent of the Revision Committee was to create a document containing a wealth of resources for anyone developing ASCH sponsored or ASCH-approved workshops.  When these SoT are followed in workshops, participants may use the training toward ASCH membership, ASCH certification and ASCH Approved Consultant status. Many of the changes in the revised SoT resulted from feedback and evaluations from participants and faculty.  Changes were piloted at several Regional Workshops. After each pilot session, feedback was solicited, and adjustments were made.  



The Level 1 Workshop teaches the fundamentals of clinical hypnosis.  The Revision Committee sought to give Level 1 Workshop participants a strong basis from which to feel comfortable and confident; ready to begin using hypnosis immediately in their practice.  Other content in the 1994 Beginning Workshop SoT such as habit control, stress and pain management, ideomotor signaling and Ericksonian approaches were eliminated from the new Level 1 Workshop SoT.  Level 1 Workshop participants are strongly encouraged to return to learn these topics in Level 2 Workshops and beyond. The revised Level 1 Workshop SoT have been designed to excite participants about clinical hypnosis, teach them to incorporate these new tools into their practice, encourage them to seek additional training and join our Society. 



It was the goal of the Revision Committee to create a revised Level 1 Workshop SoT document characterized by optimal clarity, appropriate depth and breadth of information, and supporting references.  The revised Level 1 Workshop SoT were written to ensure that any ASCH Component Society, other professional training organizations or educational institutions, and qualified professionals who wish to develop and present a Level 1 Workshop could do so.  The Level 1 Workshop SoT includes learning objectives and specific content for each required topic area. The appendix provides a recommended schedule, glossary of terms, sample elicitations used in training, treatment planning and informed consent forms, an extensive recommended reading list and many other useful resources. View a comparison chart that illustrates the changes between the original 1994 Beginning Workshop SoT and the newly revised Level 1 Workshop SoT.  



Any ASCH Component Society, other professional training organization or educational institution, and qualified professional who have an ASCH-approved Level 1 Workshop approved before October 1, 2019 may offer the ASCH-approved workshop through the expiration date of the existing approval.  After October 1, 2019, every Level 1 Workshop proposal submitted must meet the guidelines of the new 2019 Level 1 Workshop SoT. 



Two conference calls will be held on August 21, 2019, and September 11, 2019, at 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm Central Time for representatives from ASCH component sections, other interested professional training groups and/or individuals to clarify any questions about the implementation of the revised Level 1 Workshop SoT.  Please RSVP  for your call of choice.. Call-in details will be announced to all pertinent parties via an eblast and posted on the ASCH website. 



The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis will remain the premier provider of professional education in clinical hypnosis with the implementation of the 2019 newly revised Level 1 Workshop Standards of Training. The original Intermediate Workshop SoT are now being reviewed and revised to create a Level 2 Workshop that provides participants with more depth and less breadth, more demonstrations and more practice as they expand their skills in the applications of clinical hypnosis.  ASCH-ERF SoT guidelines will be reviewed and updated on an ongoing and as needed basis so that ASCH Workshops will continue to be the gold standard for hypnosis training and education. 



View the complete new Level 1 Workshop Standards of Training and the supporting appendices

Please note that the revised Standards are currently under revision and should be updated by 3/20/20. 


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