Clinical Workshops
Requirements for Approval of External Programs


All programs seeking ASCH approval for continuing education credits towards membership or certification only will need to complete a formal submission to ASCH’s Standards of Training Committee.  ASCH does not grant profession specific credits such as CME or CEU for external programs.

To receive ASCH approval, all component sections, ASCH approved consultants/certified professionals, universities, individuals, etc., must submit an Approval Request Form.  You may access an Approval Request Form in a printer-friendly MSWord Format. 

Please submit the form 3-4 weeks before your event to ensure that you receive approval.  Once the program has been approved, a formal approval letter will be sent to the program director which can be shared with participants wishing to use the credit for ASCH.

The Approval Request Form is a MS Word form, and can be easily completed and submitted electronically as an e-mail attachment.  You can download a printer-friendly MSWord form by clicking here, or you can contact ASCH directly to request a copy of the form at  You will need to supply 3-4 learning objectives for your workshop, a brochure or schedule for your event that includes all breaks, and 3-4 primary references from which the content for your workshop was pulled. If you have any questions, you can reach ASCH by phone at (410) 940-6585.

We recommend that all ASCH members and ASCH certified professionals verify formal program approval with either the program director of the training or with the ASCH Central Office before you register for a training program that you wish to use for membership or renewal of your certification.