Participant Feedback from the 2016 ASCH-ERF Individualized Consultation Workshop:

"When I walked into this workshop, clinical hypnosis felt more like a technique that I use sometimes, and when I walked out it felt more like something much more substantial." -- Sam Kohlenberg, LPC


"One of the best and most productive workshops I have ever attended - and I have been to many."   Patricia Smith, LPC




Individualized Consultation 

Individualized Consultation (IC) is offered for those health and mental health care practitioners interested in enhancing their knowledge and expertise in the use of hypnosis.  This 20-hour intensive meeting is designed to fulfill the requirements for attaining ASCH Certification in Clinical Hypnosis or to obtain the hours of consultation necessary to become an Approved Consultant.

Individuals attending this program must have completed an ASCH-ERF approved Basic and Intermediate Workshop and should be using hypnosis in their professional practice.

This workshop is unique among ASCH’-ERF's educational offerings.  Participants meet and consult in a small group setting with fellow practitioners and Faculty who are ASCH Approved Consultants. This model encourages participants to learn from one another, to have their own expertise affirmed and expanded, and to network with other professionals in the clinical hypnosis community. During the twenty hours of consultation the focus is on issues unique to each practitioner’s clinical practice. Consultation occurs in full group and small group sessions that are comprised of no more than 4 people. The groups are heterogeneous as to discipline (medicine, psychology, dentistry, social work, etc.). This diversity in group membership encourages participants to focus their attention on refining techniques and skills in a context of
interdisciplinary learning about the mind/body considerations in the application of clinical hypnosis to a wide range of presenting concerns using a multiplicity of intervention strategies.

Each small group remains together during the 20 hours with the occasional opportunity for a self-selected group based upon topic. In such groups, participants will have the opportunity to enhance utilization techniques and to address specific uses of hypnosis in behavioral medicine, pain management, obstetrics and gynecology, children and adolescents, trauma, DID, chronic illness and/or palliative care.   Actual topics discussed will be determined by attendee learning contracts.

The depth of learning in the Consultation model of training is directly related to the level of involvement of the participants. Participants are required to submit the following to the ASCH office prior to their attending the workshop:

  • A minimum of two work samples (Recordings [video preferred] of work with clients using clinical hypnosis)(appropriate standards of practice or confidentiality are expected); and
  • A completed ASCH-ERF Learning Contract with learning objectives.

IC Consultation/IC Workshop Descirption
IC Consultation/IC Workshop Application

These materials are used to explore and deepen the participants’ understanding and application of hypnosis in their existing practices. There is no test of competence, but rather this is an opportunity to receive constructive feedback, input and creative suggestions from facilitators and professional peers. Many participants have described the Individualized Consultation experience as the best training they had received in hypnosis.

For more information about the IC Workshop or the certification process, contact ASCH at 410-940-6585 or email at