ASCH e-Poster Program
Eric K. Willmarth, PhD; Louis Damis, PhD, ABPP

Welcome to the 2021 ASCH-ERF e-Poster Program.  These sccepted posters are available for viewing at any time during the 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting via this page on the ASCH website. 


Simply click on the following links to view each poster individually.  


We suggest zooming in with your browser to faciltate reading some of the posters.  


List of Posters


Kohlenberg - Domains of Learning in Standards of Training in Clinical Hypnosis

Dean - Active-Alert Hypnosis, Contrasted with Traditional Hypnosis

Stewart - From Mesmer to the Mind-Body Connection:  Where Hypnosis Meets Chiropractic

Bonney - The Effectiveness of Hypnosis on Weight Loss for Obesity

Williams - Electroencephalography, Neurophysiological Substrates, and Hypnosis

Copley - Can Hypnosis be the Saving Grace for Headache Sufferers?

Concepcion - The Use of Hypnosis as an Intervention for Burnout Syndrome Among Health Care Professionals

Garn - Hypnosis and Pelvic Pain

Gashi - Hypnotherapy for Women with Endometriosis - Waiting Painfully for Psychological Treatment

Hughart - Hypnotherapy for Women with Complex Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Naahielna - Hypnosis and Substance Abuse - What is the Evidence?  

Nelson - Transcendental Meditation and Hypnosis

Terrell - Hypnosis & Relief for Renal Disease Based Anxiety

Wientjes - Hypnotic Suggestions for Wound Healing

Walcott - Hypometabolism in Hypnosis, Meditation, FL-REST, and Zombification:  Combinatorial Approaches