Membership Information

Member Benefits

ASCH is unique among organizations for professionals using hypnosis. Members must be licensed healthcare workers and, at a minimum, have obtained a master’s degree.  ASCH membership is mostly made up of psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical social workers, marriage and family therapists, mental health counselors, medical doctors, masters-level nurses, dentists and chiropractors. As an interdisciplinary organization, ASCH provides an opportunity to learn from and interact with colleagues in other health and mental health care disciplines. This allows for a cross fertilization of ideas and applications of clinical hypnosis that meshes neatly with current thinking such as mind-body health and integrative medicine.

Membership in ASCH has many benefits, including:

  • discounted rates for the annual conference and regional workshops;
  • discounted certification fees;
  • a subscription to the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis;
  • a quarterly Newsletter with clinical columns, videos and podcasts;
  • access to the ASCH video library;
  • access to the ASCH Members Only area of the website;
  • inclusion on the ASCH referral list of qualified professionals who use hypnosis in their clinical practices. ASCH receives approximately 250 weekly requests for names of qualified practitioners utilizing clinical hypnosis;
  • ability to place your professional listing on the Societies of Hypnosis website. To enable your listing, please download the following instructions;
  • online access to the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis from 1958 to the present.

Membership Applications are available for download by clicking here. Inclusion of all the proper documentation (i.e., copies of your license to practice, proof of membership in a professional organization consistent with degree, and workshop certificates of continuing education) will ensure that your application is processed promptly. All ASCH members agree to follow the ASCH Code of Conduct and the ASCH Bylaws.

Membership Levels

To be eligible for Full Membership in ASCH, applicants must hold a masters degree or better in a health care discipline deemed appropriate by the Society.  The degree must be awarded from a college or university accredited by its appropriate regional accrediting body. In addition, applicants must be licensed or certified in the state in which they practice.  The applicant must also be eligible for, or a member of, a professional society consistent with their degree, such as the AMA, APA or ADA, have a stated interest in the clinical use of hypnosis, and have completed twenty hours of ASCH approved clinical hypnosis training.

Associate Membership is for people who meet all the above criteria except the twenty hours of training. Associate Members have two years to meet the training requirement after joining.

Students enrolled in doctoral programs in medicine, dentistry, podiatry or psychology, or masters level programs in nursing, social work, psychology, or marital/family therapy, are eligible for Student Affiliate status at a reduced rate.

Resident/Intern Affiliate Status is available for full time residents or interns participating in a recognized  medical, dental, podiatric or psychological residency or internship program.  

A special category of membership is now available for individuals engaged in full time research and teaching related to clinical hypnosis at an accredited university or other institution of higher learning, or engaged full time in research related to clinical hypnosis at a governmental or research agency. For more information, please contact Elizabeth Goins, Member Services Manager, at, or by phone at (630) 980-4740.

Hypnosis Listserv

ASCH has signed on with the Information Center for Online Resources and Services Inc. (ICORS) to host the HYPNOSIS List, which is open to all qualified hypnosis professionals worldwide. ICORS is a non-profit organization, and the agreement with them allows ASCH to sponsor this project for a minimal expense.  ASCH officially supports the list with the same basic subscription requirements as the former HYPNOSIS list.  It will be monitored, but not moderated.  ASCH decided to open the list to all qualified professionals as a service to the worldwide hypnosis community.

Appropriate topics for discussion include any aspect of the principles and practices of hypnosis including:

  • Theoretical questions, perspectives, ideas, etc.
  • Ethical questions
  • Relationships between hypnosis and other approaches
  • Research questions
  • Application to clinical cases, supervision questions, etc. (Note that confidentiality must be preserved!)
  • Technical issues related to the practice and research of hypnosis
  • Comments or questions about the hypnosis literature
  • Legislative issues
  • Hypnosis training issues
  • Hypnosis literature
  • Employment opportunities
  • And more...

Click here for information on how to subscribe to this listserv.