2018 Call for Poster Presentations

The ASCH 60th Annual Scientific Meeting & Workshops will be held in Orlando,  Florida March 15-18, 2018. This year’s conference has a particularly robust focus on research methodology and publication, in keeping with the ASCH mission “…to provide and encourage education programs to further, in every ethical way, the knowledge, understanding, and application of hypnosis in health care; to encourage research and scientific publication in the field of hypnosis…” Our goal is to provide a forum for lively discussion and constructive critique of hypnosis research that is being conducted by ASCH clinicians and researchers. We look forward to your submission!


We invite ASCH members to submit case vignettes and clinical research topics for the National Meeting Research Poster Competition that will occur at this year’s meeting during the Cocktail Reception on Thursday, March 15th  at 7:00 pm. Posters can be viewed throughout the conference, and winners will be announced at the Annual Award Banquet on Saturday, March 17th.

We encourage submissions that serve to educate colleagues about the study and use of hypnosis, and enhance the scientific body of knowledge supporting the use of hypnosis in clinical practice. Clinical vignettes/case studies, completed research studies, or preliminary/pilot studies will be accepted. Presenters should be present with their poster during the reception to engage in discussion and answer questions, and will benefit from the knowledge and interest of many experienced ASCH members in a collaborative atmosphere.


  • One of the poster's authors must attend the ASCH 60th National Meeting in Orlando, FL in order to present their poster and qualify for an award. If you are not yet a member of ASCH, you may wish to join online.  
  • Only original presentations that have not been presented at other national or regional conferences will be considered for an award.  
  • Previously presented research is welcomed for display in support of research networking and dialogue, but will not be eligible for an award. Please specify if the work has been previously presented at the time of abstract submission.

Preparing your poster

Abstracts that include the posters written content must be submitted in advance of the conference, and approved by the Research Committee. The final poster text must not differ considerably from the accepted abstract, but small changes in format are acceptable.

Posters should be printed in landscape format, approximately 24in x 36in with large, legible typeface and graphics that can be easily read from a distance of 3 feet. Tape and push-pins will be available at the conference to mount the posters.

How to submit

  • Email abstract submissions to: education@asch.net
  • Deadline for submission: Friday, February 16, 2018 @ 5 PM CST
  • Authors notified of acceptance: February 23, 2018

Questions regarding submissions can be directed to the Research Committee Chairs:

Jessie Kittle, MD
Jennifer Swaim, PhD, BCB
Eric Spiegel, PhD