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The ASCH-Education and Research Foundation sponsors basic, intermediate and advanced level instruction through its professional training in clinical hypnosis. These Regional Workshops are held four to six times a year. ASCH-ERF makes every effort to hold workshops in all regions of the US.

Basic Workshop: Fundamentals of Hypnosis

Why pursue training in Clinical Hypnosis? What are the benefits?

Clinicians who are trained in clinical hypnosis learn a range of communication skills that facilitate reaching the therapeutic goal through more effective utilization of the patient’s or client’s innate resources. Clinical hypnosis incorporates the science of neurobiology and brain plasticity, and its principles are trans-theoretical. Suggestion is an inevitable part of any treatment. Learning hypnosis allows you to better understand how you currently use suggestive language in your treatment approaches and how to increase and diversify your range of skills in suggesting therapeutic possibilities.

• Rapidly establish rapport and the hypnotic relationship across developmental ages;
• Facilitate change, Ego-strengthen and reduce impediments to change;
• Cost-effective, collaborative, person centered treatment; and
• Provide clients and patients with life-long skills for better health.

The Basic clinical hypnosis training is the first part of a series of workshops in the certification program for clinical hypnosis. A diverse faculty from a range of health disciplines will teach you the principles and process of hypnotic inductions, suggestions and treatment. The workshop is a mix of didactic presentations, demonstrations, experiential exercises and faculty-led small group practice tailored to the specific needs and learning style of each participant. At the conclusion of the workshop you will have been taught the basic skills required to utilize clinical hypnosis and begin to apply it to your practice.

Intermediate Workshop: Refining Skills and Treatment Applications
What are the advantages of more training in Clinical Hypnosis?

The second step in certification training is to strengthen your skills, strategies and applications of clinical hypnosis. Part one taught you “how to” do clinical hypnosis, and part two builds on this skill set and refines and furthers your development so you add the when, why and where to the “how to”.


  • Introduction to a wider range of topics on the utility of clinical hypnosis (e.g., Pain Management; Irritable Bowel Syndrome; Anxiety and Sleep Disorders; Habit Disorders; Dissociative Identify Disorder)
  • Learn more techniques for the creative use of the language of suggestion to facilitate change;
  • Learn specific tools (complex inductions and intensification techniques) for specific populations (children; procedural hypnosis; PTSD); and 
  • More practice with the feedback of expert faculty.

The Intermediate Workshop increases your skills and builds confidence in your use of hypnosis. It prepares you to move on to the Advanced Workshop level and Individual Consultation with a strong basis of skills and understanding of the principles and practice of clinical hypnosis.

Advanced level workshops are topical. Recent professional training workshops have focused on behavioral medicine, health psychology, hypnosis and pediatrics, and mind-body medicine.

Participants are encouraged to attend these workshops in sequence in order to make the most of each workshop. Skills mastered in the basic and intermediate levels are essential to fully benefiting from the advanced level workshops. 

Regional Workshop Schedule - Each of the following locations will offer a Basic, Intermediate and an Advanced Workshop unless otherwise stated.  

•  April 20-23, 2017 ASCH-ERF Advanced Workshop; Caribe Hilton, San Juan, Puerto Rico (Limited to the first 35 registrants)

In response to the suggestions made by our members on the recent ASCH Education Survey, the ASCH Education Committee has developed an outstanding advanced workshop in Puerto Rico at the Caribe Hilton, April 20 - 23, 2017. This workshop will combine both continuing education and plenty of time for recreation in this tropical destination.

Our distinguished faculty will be Dr. Mark Weisberg, PhD, ABPP, Clinical Health Psychologist, who will present Mind-Body Innovations: New Developments and Clinical Applications in Hypnosis (detailed course outline to follow). In beautiful Puerto Rico, participants will learn about topics rated by workshop attendees as being of most current interest. Topics include: how to approach hypnosis from a mind-body medicine orientation, polyvagal considerations in hypnosis, psychoneuroimmunology, treating chronic and acute pain, digestive disorders (IBS, inflammatory bowel diseases), preparation for surgery and procedures, autoimmune conditions. Then, how to apply hypnosis effectively in these different conditions. 

The workshop will begin on Thursday evening and continue each morning for a few hours for the next three days. The rest of the time attendees will be free to enjoy everything Puerto Rico and the Caribe Hilton have to offer.

•  June 15-18, 2017 ASCH-ERF Regional Workshop; Crowne Plaza Old Town Alexandria, Alexandria, VA

•  September 14-17, 2017 ASCH-ERF Regional Workshop; Hyatt Regency Schaumburg, Schaumburg, IL
•  October 12-15, 2017 ASCH-ERF Regional Workshop; JW Marriott Houston Downtown, Houston, TX
•  November 30- December 3, 2017 ASCH-ERF Regional Workshop; Westgate Hotel, San Diego, CA

In addition to offering the Basic and Intermediate Workshops, ASCH-ERF will be offering the following Advanced Workshop in  San Diego: Hypnosis, Neurophysiology, and Zen for Pain and Suffering.

This workshop is designed to increase clinical skills in managing pain and suffering utilizing hypnosis, as well education, motivational interviewing and Zen. The workshop will begin with an easy to follow neurophysiological explanation of pain and why chronic pain treatment often involves the management of suffering. We will first work on dissociative hypnotic suggestions to manage acute pain; specifically, when a person is already in acute pain (e.g., the emergency room) or is going to undergo a painful procedure (e.g., surgery, labor and delivery). We will then describe how the management of chronic pain using a biopsychosocial model allows us to put hypnotic interventions in a larger paradigm that increases the probability that the induction will make a difference. We will discuss using Zen to hold the context of hypnosis; efforts to make the pain go away are often far less enduring than teaching patients to change their relationship with pain. This workshop will include power point didactics, demonstrations, and small group practice. We will work as a group to assess someone with chronic pain. The experiential components of the workshop are designed not only for the clinicians to increase their skills by "out-louding" the material but to create personal growth in their lives when they are undergoing the inductions themselves. The leader, David R. Patterson Ph.D. is the author of Clinical Hypnosis for Pain Control (2010) as well as 150 scientific papers on related topics. He has given workshops in a dozen countries and regularly works with patients suffering from acute and chronic pain at the University of Washington.


•  April 26-29, 2018            ASCH-ERF Regional Workshop; Holiday Inn Express Denver Downtown, Denver, CO
•  June 21-24, 2018 ASCH-ERF Regional Workshop; Crowne Plaza Old Town Alexandria, Alexandria, VA 
•  September 27-30, 2018   ASCH-ERF Regional Workshop; Hyatt Regency Schaumburg, Schaumburg, IL
•  October 2018                 ASCH-ERF Regional Workshop; TBA
•  December 2018  ASCH-ERF Regional Workshop; TBA

•  June 20-23, 2019   ASCH-ERF Regional Workshop; Crowne Plaza Old Town Alexandria, Alexandria, VA 

On-Line Registration for Regional Workshops Now Available 

On-line registration for Regional Workshops is available by clicking here.  Simply complete the form, including payment information, and submit the form.  It's that easy!

NOTICE TO PROFESSIONAL COUNSELORS:  The NBCC Approved Continuing Education Provider (ACEP) status of American Society of Clinical Hypnosis Education and Research Foundation (ASCH-ERF, the Foundation) has been suspended indefinitely.  During this suspension the Foundation is not permitted to offer or grant any NBCC continuing education credit.  ASCH-ERF will advise professional counselors when its ACEP status has been reinstated.  


September 14-17, 2017  ASCH Regional Workshop; Hyatt Regency Schaumburg, Schaumburg, IL



March 15-18, 2018 ASCH Annual Scientific Meeting & Workshop; Embassy Suites Lake Buena Vista South, Kissimmee, FL


June 21-24, 2018 ASCH Regional Workshop; Crowne Plaza Old Town Alexandria, Alexandria, VA 

September 27-30, 2018    ASCH Regional Workshop; Hyatt Regency Schaumburg, Schaumburg, IL


June 20-23, 2019   ASCH Regional Workshop; Crowne Plaza Old Town Alexandria, Alexandria, VA